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Essential Safety Measures in Commercial Buildings. - National Requirement

Please Note; the information below is specific to terms adopted in the state of Victoria. All other States and Territories have adopted similar regulations based on relevant legal local framework.

We provide this information as a guide to owners, managing agents and occupants of commercial, industrial and commercially managed residential buildings (other than class 1 residential dwellings). The information is provided as guide only, about rules and responsibilities that have the potential to adversely affect. For any specific legal obligations, pleas consult your law firm.

Changes to the building Act 1993 and part 12 of building regulations stipulates legal onus on the building owner for maintenance and upkeep of all relevant, applicable Essential safety measures (safety measures) that form part of a building.

Although the Building Owner is accountable for the upkeep of safety items in a building, in general terms, responsibility for maintenance of fire fighting equipment and other building safety items is often delegated to the building occupant or tenant(s) via a lease agreement. However, it is apparent that an alarmingly large number of occupants either fail entirely or only partially meet these legal obligations. Quite often this can be contributed to the lack of awareness and in some circumstances, lack of care by incumbent contractors whom are not capable to perform a comprehensive ESM maintenance program.

In addition to standard fire fighting equipment, there are many other items, such as (EXD) exit doors including correct hardware, (EXP) Exit path of travel, (EEL) Exit and Emergency lighting if present, (FDS) Fire Doors Systems, and many other Fire, Fire Resistant, Passive and Structural building Elements. In addition, newer buildings may also have site specific performance based measures stipulated on the (OP) Occupancy permit.
Municipal Building Inspectors are conducting extensive random audits across all states and territories in Australia. The relevant MBS (municipal building surveyor) and/or chief Fire Officer have a responsibility under Government Legislation to ensure public safety and is/are responsible for the enforcement of penalties as determined under the Building Act.

In the event that you are issued with a Building Order, Building Notice or Improvement Notice, simply contact our ESM Compliance Team to guide you through the correct process. Some rectifications may not be required depending on relevant circumstances.

AMR - Annual Essential Safety Measures Report
In accordance with Part 12 of Building Regulations, and in addition to maintenance records, Owners are also required to provide an Annual Essential Safety Measures Report. The report is a legal statement by the owner that all relevant safety measures are maintained as required to a performance level that the ESM will fulfill its purpose. FXP Industries P/L can issue the annual report in a cost effective manor if combined with a routine maintenance proposal.

Should you wish to proceed with obligation free inquiry, or wish to proceed with any maintenance or compliance assessment, please call our customer service team on 03 9585 0522.

Additional information can be obtained from the building control commission via this link


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