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"we perform more services in house"

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Who we are

FXP Industries P/L (formerly known as Fire-X Protection) was established in 1992 and has since grown to be one of Victoria’s most innovative Essential safety measures maintenance providers. FXP’s core portfolio comprises of full comprehensive Essential safety measures maintenance & management service, regulatory compliance solutions, and Essential safety measures management consultancy. FXP’s complimentary business IESMS International, is responsible for leading edge maintenance management and field data capture software development and FXP’s IT infrastructure. In addition FXP has recently established an online Trade Warehouse. We buy and stock 1000’s of products and spare parts in bulk that cover the needs for repairs of the multitude of services we offer in-house as well as the  requirements of other contractors we supply.


Over the most recent years our company has grown extensively. We maintain Essential safety measures at  more than 1500 Sites for a client base of around 300. We supply our products nationally and maintain services sites from small business to high-rise residential buildings, government buildings and large industrial estates.

How do we do it

As a competent advisor, our extensive Industry knowledge and expertise provides the best solution for Building Owners, Occupants and Property Mangers to delegate the responsibility of Essential safety measures maintenance to our organisation. With one point of contact we can maintain your essential safety measures for one site or an entire property portfolio. We have the capacity and capability to serve our clients extraordinarily well.


As highly skilled professionals we are recognised for our commitment to safety, quality, responsiveness and value for money service. We have a program in place for continued cross training of our Multi Skilled service technicians that positively influences and improves the services we can offer. Our clients have become the major benefactors of this concerted effort. We can maintain more services on Sites with fewer technicians or sub-contractors than probably most of our competitors. Maintaining more systems and services in-house greatly reduces maintenance cost, site attendance overheads and reliance on third party sub-contractors.


Through a consortium approach we have forged long-term key relationships with very but strategically important co contractors and suppliers complementing our own business to deliver exceptional service at everything we do. We are also a members of FPAA, code of practice compliant and frequently attend Industry update seminars.

Service Excellence and Reporting

Record keeping is still a major issue for most our competitors, even a relatively simple site can generate a lot of reports. Our IESMS data management system offers a dynamic proactive approach. We offer major account clients and Property Managers free access to all site information, service reports and compliance forms via www secure login interface to our records database.  This provides not only complete visibility throughout our process it also frees up more of your valuable time and serves as a backup for on site logbook and maintenance records.


For peace of mind, FXP Industries P/L maintain $20.000.000 Liability insurance at all times. Naturally we also comply with all statutory requirements, such as Work Cover Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, OH&S act and Business registration and Taxation requirements. Certificates of registration and currency are available any time upon request.

Company Profile


FXP Team 2007

~ Fritz Hausler
With more than 16 years of experience in all aspects of fire systems, Fritz has established a reputation for providing quality service. Since establishing the business in 1992, it has grown rapidly in recent years, thanks to innovation, commitment and a very loyal clientele.

~ Lina Hausler
Accounts Manager
Lina is our accounts and office manager and responsible for all day to day office activities as well as accounts payable and receivable payroll and taxation obligations.

~ Ning Palakawong
ESM Compliance Coordinator - CFA Volunteer Fire Fighter
Ning has a certificate IV and Diploma in Fire Technology and is responsible for review and upkeep of FXPs annual contractor compliance statements and/or preparation of annual Essential Safety Measure Reports (formerly referred to as form 15 and form 10)

~ Kamran Basiri RBP
Building Surveyor - Grad Dip Construction Law - Grad Cert Performance Code - B Tech Building Surveying - Diploma Building Construction
Kamran is a highly qualified and well regarded building surveyor with extensive experience both as former municipal surveyor as well as all aspects of Commercial Industrial development. Kamran is able to promptly issue any building and occupancy permits and/or certificates of final inspection as required.


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